• Approved according to EN ISO 15027 and 1-hour SOLAS suit
• Water tight
• HD red trilaminate material
• Horizontal metal dry zipper on the back
• Neoprene neck seal
• New Si-Tech Arm-Zip-Seals, easy change-system with silicon seals, optional Latex or Neoprene seals
• Extra reinforcements on the elbows, knees and back
• Kneepads are developed in a way that additional foam material can be pushed in, to accommodate kneeling jobs
• Fixed-rain hood, rolled into the collar
• Neoprene boots
• Separate 3mm neoprene hood with reflective tape
• 5-finger gloves made of 3mm neoprene, attached to the suit
• Whistle
• SOLAS reflective tape
• Braces system inside
• 2 D-rings for attaching a safety line on the back
• 2 chest pockets and 2 thigh pockets
• Optional neoprene socks or boots S5
• The suit comes in a carrying bag

The suit will be delivered in International sizes as:
S (166-174)cm
M (170-178)cm
L (174-184)cm
XL (182-188)cm
XXL (184-192)cm

XXS (158-166)cm
XS (162-170)cm
XXXL (188-196)cm