Spray the remaining (%): SIO
Ambient temperature: + 50-+600
Fire rating: 13A-183B
Certificate: EC(RINA/BV)
Implementation of standards: EN3—7, EN3-8, EN3-g, ENS-IO
Outer packing(cm): 20'20'65
Weight(kg): 15

Foam Spare

AFFF Concentrate Drums 25/200/1000ltr or other quantities, for foam applicators

MFSS Foam concentred for Extinguishers 25/50/135Ltr

Foam Data Sheet - Langchao AFFF

ItemChina GB Standard
AppearanceLight yellow transparent liquid
pH @20℃ 6.0- 9.5
Freezing point minus12℃- minus8℃ (adjustable accordingly)
Surface tension(mN/m)17.2 Plus/Minus 10%
Interfacial tension2.4 Plus/Minus 1.0
Foam Expansion@ 20℃6.1 Plus/Minus 1.0 or 20%
25% Drainage Time@ 20℃ 3.0 (1±20%) min.