GT 100


Variable overall which can be used for rescue operations at sea as well as for disaster control. It does not replace the 6-hours immersion suit according to SOLAS (for this purpose see ARO V20 and ARO V40)

3-layer tear-proof nylon with a breathable membrane (5.0 litres per m² per 24 hours).

Watertight main zipper from left hip around the neck to the left shoulder (can be opened and closed single-handedly), attached hood made out of 2.0 mm neoprene (usage of the hood does not affect the watertightness of the suit), increased wearing comfort through elastic suspenders.

All seals made of heavy-duty latex (for operation beyond SOLAS other seal types may optionally be attached), arm seals are compatible with optional dry-glove ring-systems, 5-finger semidry gloves made of 3.0 mm neoprene (to be stored in the arm pockets).

High safety boots with steel caps (EN protection class 5) attached to the suit, heavy-duty pads on knees, elbows and bottom, knee pockets for adding further protective cushions, large pocket attached to the outside of the suit.

The suit will be delivered in International sizes as:

Size Boot Size Height
S 42 166-174
M 43 170-178
L 44 174-184
XL 45 182-188
XXL 46 184-192