Fire Fighting Protection Equipment

Fireman’s Outfit

Available as complete set or seperate pieces.


Accessories of Fireman’s Outfit Set include:
1) Fireman’s Protective Suit
2) Helmet
3) Fire Rubber Boots
4) Handing Explosion-proof Light
5) Fire Axe
6) Fire-proof Lifeline

Rubber Fire Boots


1) ATS sole design: suitable for walking on any surface
2) U shaped anti-fatigue heel
3) Arched recess suitable non-slip ladder
4) High temperatures, excellent heat and flame protection, uppers heat resistant 2W/cm2 three minutes, fire vamp, the general chemicals with excellent protection.

Fire Protection Gloves


1) Comply GA10-2002 standard
2) Material: flame retardant, waterproof breathable layer, insulation layer, comfortable layer fabric
3) Comply fabric, colour: dark blue
4) Applications: Fireman fighting and rescue
5) Flame retardant properties, its damage length ≤ 10cm, continued burning time ≤ 2s
6) Through steam ≥ 5000g / m2 · 24h, TPP value ≥ 28cal/cm2.

Fire fighting protective rubber boots


1) Structure: Fire fighting protective rubber boots mainly by the large end and boots to help two parts, the theme colour is black, with a yellow stripe around along the strips. Boots are made of the whole multilayer structure
2) Quality: Each pair of rubber boots firefighter protective quality than 3Kg
3) features: non-slip, anti-shock, puncture resistance, flame retardant, heat insulation, anti-smashing; steel bottom puncture ≥ 1000N; Withstanding Voltage ≥ 5000V
4) Specifications are 39-45 yards seven kinds
5) Comply GA 6-2004 "Fire fighting protective boots" standard